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    Jul 11
  1. Video Mediamatic Hackerscamp 2009

    I just found a Vimeo video about the 2009 Mediamatic HackersCamp where I was doing the coordination of the Hardware and electronics. I gives a nice short overview of the HackersCamp and as a Bonus you get to see me pulling a rope at the end during the “IkTrek” presentation. Fun!

  2. Mar 11
  3. Projects updated

    watchweb0.jpgOke I finally made some time to update my projects pag. I added the Watchers project form the time I workded at Mediamatic. In the coming time I will be adding more projects I did for Mediamatic. In the mean time I am now working fulltime again for z25.org. One of the projects I am now working on is Poetry Apps see for more information here. There are some other projects forming, but they still need some time before I can post about them.

  4. Jul 10
  5. Project L â u N a y

    lns1.jpgI added a project done not so long ago for z25.org in collaboration with Alessandro Carboni. The project was a dance performance which was part of a bigger project Overlapping Discrete Boundaries of Alessandro Carboni. I was a very nice project but difficult to combine with my regular job at Mediamatic.  Working over long distances is not always easy especially if you have an ash cloud hanging over your head.
    Nevertheless we learned a lot from this project and I hope to do a next step with this in the future.

  6. Jul 10
  7. Video WE/ME added

    I added a video of the WE/ME project I did in 2008 as final project of my master Digital Environment Design go to the project or watch below

  8. Mar 10
  9. Finaly updated projects page

    I finally came round to update my projects page with two of the projects I did in 2009. Hyperwish 4.0 and Parnassos Lustrum project. Go to the project page to check them out.

  10. Sep 09
  11. Hyperwish 4.0 at Skopje biennal 2009

    From 3 until 12 September I presented the fourth version of Hyperwish in Skopje, at the XIV Edition of the European and Mediterranean Biennial (link). The work was presented as a  Xtendedlab project and the organization made a video presentation of the gallery including an interview met me explaining the work see below for the YouTube video.

    When I have sorted the photo and filmmaterial I will but some more images and video online.

  12. Aug 09
  13. Flickr page up and running

    To have a easy place to orderly and non-ordely dump all kinds of work in progress shots and photos of stuff I am doing I have finally set-up a flickr page go check it out here.

  14. 21:51:44
  15. Site Updated

    Finally I managed to update the project section with a new project and a new video.
    The new project is a updated version of the Hyperwish project for the “Salone del Mobile” of 2009.
    You can find project information some photo’s and a movie.

    For the project “Reportorio Zero” I finally made a small clip out of some filmmaterial I have of the concert. Hopefully this gives you a better look then only the photo’s on the project.

  16. Jun 09
  17. Wallpapers added to sketches

    Finally I got around to adding some of the wallpapers I have made to the sketches section.
    In the future I will add more and also some more processing sketches.

  18. Feb 09
  19. MocoloTestClientP5

    During my study Master Digital Environment Design we worked a lot with Mocolo (http://orfware.com) a motion tracking software, but this software is only available for Windows. So most of the times we would have a one PC running with a camera and Mocolo sending the data to the other machines where needed. With the software came a test client but also only for Windows so I made a clone of this software in Processing (http://processing.org) to use on the PC, Mac and Linux. If you only use the application be sure to use port 2000 otherwise just open the project in Processing and adjust according to your needs. You can download the MocoloTestClientP5 here You can find it also on the sketches page.