WE/ME (Jetz Zeit System)

                               ME-WE / WE-ME (JETZT-ZEIT SYSTEM) installation aims to think about the
relationship between individuality and society in their mutual re!ection, in our time.
Any subjectivity is the result of a dynamic of inclusion / exclusion of the others, of a renegotiation
of the subjectivity in relation to the social device in which we move in.
In other words, single people and society mirror one another.
Today, this is more and more true, here and now, in “real time”. In other words, in today’s
organization of the world there is no separation between the communication forms
(information) and society: knowing is, more than ever, power and action.
The capacity to re-modulate the narration of realty according to our point of view and to
our desires means to re-appropriate the innovative punctuality of the time (Walter
Benjamin called this concept “Jetzt-Zeit”, that is the moment in which the past, full of a
promise for the future, crosses the chronological present modifying it).
But everyday experience teaches that unfortunately (or hopefully) this is not always the
case. In fact, in the ordinary real-time reality, without a reason or an order, a “glitch” can
occur at any time: it could be an information glitch, or it be produced by an external
cause (i.e.: an unexpected political event; an economic slump; a natural catastrophe; an
unusual personal moment, not necessarily negative…). This glitch passes through the
chronological present upsetting both the individual present and the collective one.
Thanks to the collaboration between the visitor, who becomes an “actor”, with other
visitors and with the performer (who interprets their movements) the installation ME-WE /
WE-ME (JETZT-ZEIT SYSTEM) aims to re!ect on these dynamics becoming the re!ection of

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