Hyperwish 3.0

                               During the period of FuoriSalone, April 2009, Milan. Hyperwish was selected to be part of the installations at Biennale Bovisa.

Since the installation was also part of milanomifamale, a collective project by Scuola di Design NABA, the team adjusted the concept and some appearance of the installation.

The installation asked participant to express their desires about Milan. They could choose specifically on which place in Milan they want to complain/bless about. Then their writings where sinthetically analyzed and then are put in database. Then they where visualized on the projected screen.

Also this time we did not only took written phrases as input but we also added another input station which recorded the voice of participants. Users could speak out their desire and then listen to their own voice and then confirm to send it to the database. Then all voices where put randomly into the Sound ambient.

At this point we have created more collective world of wish, both visually and sonorously.