thumb1.jpgFor the “Torino Milano Festival Internazionale della Musica” I was asked by Paolo Atzori the head of the Digital Environment Design Master to create the visuals for one of the compositions of the Ensemble RepertorioZero which would perform during the festival with different compositions of different composers.

I worked on the composition of Nadir Vassena which was inspired by a Italian poem that was also visualised during part of the concert. It was a short and intensive project in which there was little time, but a lot of inspiration.

I really enjoyed the interaction with the composer and the search from the viewpoint of a visual artist and of a composer for a balanced visualisation of his composition where the visuals could support the music but not overwhelm it. We tried a minimalist approach in which there was a balance between the auditory part and the visual part in which the projection and the musicians played an equal role.