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    Jan 09
  1. Overview projects 2008

    At 10 January I went back to Milan to give my final presentation on 12 January about my year as a Master Digital Enviroment Student. It was a very special day in which I saw some nice presentations of my classmates and during which we received our diploma’s.

    I am very pleased to announce that I am now officially graduated cum-laude as Master Digital Eviroment Design. Hereby I embed the video made for the presentation which gives an overview of what I have been doing the last year.

  2. Dec 08
  3. WE/ME added to projects

    touchscreen-0759.jpgAt 16 December 2008 the Master Digital Environment Design 2008 presented their final project. WE/ME. This project is a result of a long conceptual path with many influences. The end result is but one articulation of where we ended with our concept and is a performance/installation but also a beginning for more exploration.

    It was a lot of work to create this project but in the end I am happy about the end result which only inspires me to do so much more with this theme and to continue where we stopped. Once again I enjoyed working with what has no become a solid group of friends which hopefully will continue with projects in the new year even if the Master Digital Environment Design for us now is finished. Go to the projects page to read about WE/ME

  4. Nov 08
  5. Fresh site

    With a new year coming up and my Master Digital Environment finishing it is time to reflect, refresh and archive my latest project on my renewed portfolio site. Take a look around and drop a comment if you want.